Our Story

AMI Documentary

This Documentary Filmed by AMI tells more about our story and how Friends4Kindness became what it is today.


Our story begins with Kaitlin.  A grade 12 student, whose 18th birthday was approaching and she was worried she’d miss out on the milestones most individuals experience in their last year of high school, like prom and graduation because she had no friends.


Her mom, Nicole, had a plan.  She’d ask their friends and family members to send Kaitlin birthday cards during the months leading up to her birthday to feel loved.  Little did she know, that soon her request would go viral…


Within 2 days of Nicole making this request, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, hosted a Town Hall meeting in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  One of Nicole’s friends was there and asked the Prime Minister to sign a card for Kaitlin…and he did!


As a result Kaitlin hit instant local celebrity status!  Within 5 days of the original post requesting cards, their story was shared all around the world millions of times.  There were so many cards arriving for her, that their mail had to be driven and dropped off for weeks.


Just over 6000 cards arrived!  From over 34 countries, all Canadian provinces and territories as well as all 50 United States.  The cards had so many messages with encouragement.  Kaitlin says that they told her that she’s kind, she’s beautiful and to be herself…nobody had said that to her before.


Nicole saw an incredible change in Katlin.  Katlin became confident, felt loved and needed.  Her circle of care was rapidly growing around her.  She now considers herself a celebrity (and we agree) after being recognized in a mall as far away as Scotland.


Seeing the transformation that came over her daughter, the joy and the laughter that was back in her eyes, Nicole knew that there were so many others that deserved this same love and attention.  


And so Friends 4 Kindness was created.


Currently, Friends 4 Kindness focusses on celebrating individuals who struggle with social connections! Everyone should feel included, accepted and loved. Advocating inclusion and acceptance through kindness. We host an online buddy programs (teen, elementary & adult groups), Unbirthday Parties, a card writing program and more.


Friends 4 Kindness is a not for profit organization that is solely supported by our incredibly generous corporate and individual donors.